Thursday, July 3, 2008


A MonoTracer is built by vehicle and engine construction company Peraves. Basically, MonoTracer is an advanced version of the normal bikes. A cabin mounted on a bike and the drag gets minimized to a great extent, making MonoTracer highly effective at achieving high speeds and greater safety level.Monocoque made from glass-, kevlar- and carbontissues bonded by epoxy-resin reinforced with crash and roll bars. Engine frame,steering head and stabilizer axles made from aircraft grade alloy steel.Front suspension Marzocchi 50mm USD-fork, rear Monolever shaft swingarm.Gull-wing-door with integrated sunroof, opening to the left.Glazing made from tinted PMMA in aviation quality.4 cylinder-in-line-BMW-K-engine 1171 ccm, 16 valves, liquid cooling.Dry reinforced monodisc clutch. Sequential PG-gearbox with 4 forward speeds andelectrically unlockable reverse, shifted by push-button-selector on left handlebar.Automatic clutch optional.Tempomat cruise control, frontal airbag, Bi-Xenon-lights, CD-players optional.Motorcycle-type handlebars with extended functions. Clutch pedal left, gear- andstabilizer-ops-switches left, integrated brake ops by pedal, aux-brake-lever andtwist-throttle right.


Following are the pictures of some of the bikes that showcased at the Goodwood festival of Speed . From vintage to the latest ones it was a delight for every bike lovers? eyes.
It was a good blend of bikes and bikers abilities. Only thing I can tell is that it would have been a great pleasure to just be there and watch it happen all in all, in front of you.
But no one can tell what it was and how enormous was the event without being there, you can only have a peek from the pigeons hole, by looking at some of the images below.
We?ll surely miss this event, for it fulfilled our automotive appetite right till the gullet, which seldom happens!


A hypersport motorcycle introduced in 1999. The name Hayabusa is the Japanese types for the Peregrine Falcon, known for its speed, and perhaps a joke at the expense of the Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird which was the fastest production motorcycle prior to the Hayabusa. The Peregrine Falcon is a predator of the common blackbird. Its extreme performance capability has also dubbed the bike as a “high abuser” of legal speed limits.
Afterwards, certain bikes were out to dare the Hayabusa top speed for a production motorcycle, including the BMW K1200S, the Kawasaki ZX-12R and the new ZX-14. And now Suzuki has decided for the 2008 model that they?ll not only revamp the super-bike, but will boost the size of the engine from 1299cc to 1340cc.
The compression power increases from 1o.5:1 to 11.5:1. The 41cc increase in displacement stems from a 2mm increase in stroke giving each tube of the Inline-four a final spec of 81mm x 65mm bore. Inside, there?s a new three-ring aluminum alloy forged slipper piston. The motor also gets a new set of titanium valves for intake and exhaust. The sizes haven’t changed, but the alternative metal has reduced the weight.
A little technology pulled from the GSX-R line is the Suzuki Drive Mode Selector (S-DMS) which provides three options of power delivery. A 4-2-1-2 exhaust which meets Euro 3 and Tier 2 emission regulations has been attached. Overall length has increased to 86.6 inches while the wheelbase is same. A 15mm higher windscreen and vertically stacked dual headlights are a part of the new look. The seat and rear sub-frame have been lowered by 17mm.
A pair of 310 mm balanced front rotors (10 mm smaller) offer less unsprung weight and are pinched by new Tokico radial-mount calipers. The single-piston rear caliper grabs a larger 260mm rotor (+20mm). There?s a Diamond like Coating (DLC) on the lower section of the inverted fork for less stiction. The steering geometry is virtually indistinguishable at 24.2 degrees of rake and 98mm of trail, an increase of 1 mm.
The revamped instrument cluster now features four analog meters for speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge and water temperature with a new S-DMS mode indicator, gear position indicator and adjustable engine rpm indicator.


BMX is a form of cycling on specially designed bicycles which usually have 18 to 24-inch wheels (the norm being the 20-inch wheel). The sport includes racing on earthen tracks, known as BMX racing.Freestyle BMX has grown to include five distinct disciplines. These are Street, Park, Vert, and Flatland. These usually involve technical movements of the bike in different ways over varied terrain. There are also three disciplines which are participated in mainly by riders who are not affiliated with the major BMX organizations or sponsored events. These are High Jump, Leap Of Faith and Drag.BMX was originated in united state of califonia in the late 1970s, when teenagers imitated their motocross heroes on their bicycles.However, similar movements were gaining momentum in Europe as early as 1958. Children were racing standard road bikes off-road, around purpose-built tracks in Holland. The 1971 motorcycle racing documentary On Any Sunday is generally credited with inspiring the movement nationally in the US. In the opening scene, kids are shown riding their Schwinn. Stingrays off-road. It was not until the middle of that decade that the sport achieved critical mass, and manufacturers began creating bicycles designed specially for the sport.BMX was introduced in Europe in 1978. Australian band Revolver have a song titled "Dippers" on their 2006 album "In Absinthia". The song is about BMX riding.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


The luxurious and legendary Gold Wing remains the gold standard of happy riding. Fitted with luxury touring, a premium audio system, a cold-weather comfort package, an industry-first fully integrated airbag and performance second to none. Unique Features includes; Honda Satellite Linked Navigation System, easy-to-use handlebar- and fairing-mounted controls. Adjustable heated grips and heated seat/backrest for cold-weather riding combined with individual rider and passenger controls for optimum comfort. Controllable foot-warming system channelizes engine-heated air over the rider's feet. First time fully integrated rider airbag on a motorcycle with Electronic Control Unit (ECU), positioned to right of the module, analyzes signals from the crash sensors to determine whether or not to inflate the airbag. Most Powerful, fuel-injected 1832cc six-cylinder engine produces smooth, effortless power, forward engine placement and solid engine-mounting produce excellent road handling characteristics and impressive low-speed maneuverability. Engine cooling system features a series-flow coolant pattern that offers cold-start rideability and provides rapid engine warm-up. Two side-mounted radiators enhance cooling efficiency beyond the rider at highway speeds.Twin-Spar Aluminum Frame (Chassis) specially designed hangers and carefully matched mounting bolts to provide both excellent road feel and minimal engine vibration providing superb ride in all road conditions.


People use emotion to buy a bike and logic to rationalize it. So nothing I say will change anything...but here's my opinion. For your first bike, get one you can handle easily.he can also cheap and popular !!
Realize that you are probably going to scratch it. You're almost certainly not going to keep it. And your tastes will likely change with experience. Also, it's easier to get test rides on used expensive my first bike!
Once you've got your bike, go out and practice every day. If you buy an expensive first bike you'll be reluctant to practice which will limit your riding skills for the rest of your life. After all that, you can buy whatever you want with a good chance of life-long success. It will depend on you, not the bike. The operator is the dominant safety device for a motorcycle.
As for size of bike, I think the main point is to get one you can handle well. Most people become fixated on one or two bikes and don't test ride enough different types. Bikes vary quite a bit. Some are top heavy, others not. Some are high while others are low to the ground. Some are touchy with the clutch and throttle and others aren't. Some are close to the handlebars and others feel further away. Some a great around town and awful on the highway. Some feel heavy, others feel light. Some kill your wrists, others kill your back. And still others kill your bum!!! Don't be timid, try them all out. It's *your* money. You'll only buy a first bike once so have some fun with the experience!


Super motor bikes .Fast, light, sleek motorcycles designed to give maximum performance for racing or spirited road riding while conforming to FIM rules. They are distinguishable by their racing style fairings and the rider's tipped-forward seating position. They are also called "race replicas" because of their connection to the racing category for production motorcycles known as SUPER BIKES and earlier similar race series (the term arose in the 1980s). The power to weight ratio of the 900 cc+ models typically matches or exceeds one bhp of power for every one kg of mass.
Racing bikes: Motorcycles designed for circuit or road racing, including mass-production motorcycles modified for MOTOR RACING
Street customs: Highly customised motorcycles with wild paint jobs also built for show, but constructed from a sport bike frame instead of a cruiser-style frame.


Infact, we had not been on a bike in years. I live in the mountain and riding is very difficult, always up or down steep hills. For those like me who have bad knees or hips or don't have the time/desire to get in shapeThis bike brings back the enjoyments of mobility and the joy of riding again without worrying about being unable to climb hills and having to walk/push my bike up them for long hauls this tough bik.I was impressed is action Like me, you will look to find excuses to use the Electric Folding mountain bikes Gord Anten,Owner of the Electric Folding Mountain Bikes. we appreciate that the
While riding you have your choice of riding manually, using the pedal assist system or putting the bike on straight electric. The real benefit is the fact you can pedal as much as you want. You choose how much exerciseJanuary; most bikes are safely tucked away in garages. Certainly the majority of club race bikes won't have seen tarmac for a number of months. What keeps the club racers interested in the depths of winter? Mopeds. Saturday 20th January saw BMCRC dropping the flag on moped madness, a 3 hour endurance race open to anyone with a full road licence for the type of machine ridden. The restrictions were simple; up to 80cc geared, or 125cc auto. Although one of the rules 'cheating positively encouraged' laid down the gauntlet. For some this was a pre-season bit of fun, for others this was as serious as sitting on the grid next to Rossi et al. All bikes and leathers were scrutinised and sadly for one team this meant the removal of the bubble wrap they had surrounded their fairings in. The start of the race was a 'Le Mans' style start with all riders running across the width of the track to their machine, starting it, and commencing the race. All set rolling by the drop of the Union Jack. Competition was fierce yet friendly with top MRO and BMCRC club racers knocking elbows with riders who'd freshly passed their CBT.
Surprisingly few of the mopeds retired during the gruelling 3 hour race at the slightly truncated Lydden Hill circuit in Kent. A team even drove to a local Honda dealer to get the rear inner tube on their Piaggio Sfera replaced. They still completed 75 laps and didn't come last. Others suffered from seizures and transmission belt failures. One team in particular struck fear into the hearts of the opposition. Three riders and one Gilera Runner 125; Steve Mercer (2006 Forza Extreme Champion), Chris Bishop (R6 cup rider) and Bob Farnham (respected tuner). Could there have been any other winners? Of course not and they completed an astonishing 207 laps in 3 hours. Four laps clear of second place team which consisted of tuner Phil Seton, motorcycle journalist Rob Hoyles and SS600 racer Andy Weymouth, again on the machine of choice, a Gilera Runner 125. Third place was awarded to a two man team on an AR80 with a final result of 202 laps completed and a best average speed of 58.636mph. This day goes to show that race bikes don't have to have tyre warmers and steering dampers. And, in fact, it can be a whole lot of fun when you swap the race fairings for storage you can fit a spare helmet in, and 125cc of engine. So what do you get when you mix Lydden Hill, a cold January Saturday, 46 knackered mopeds and a whole bunch of club racers? Fun of almost illegal levels. Roll on next year. you desire.Electric Folding Mountain Bike can be used.


The Electric Folding Mountain Bike will travel about 20 to 25 miles on one charge.
the mountain bike or mountain bicycle is a designed for either on dirt or other environments. In contrast, are not designed for such rugged terrain.
we used to think I knew what the perfect trail was. It was behind my house, easy access, had lot's of rollers and then ended with a big drop called "death hill", followed by a huge jump. Of course I was 10 at the time, living in Pleasant Hill, California, and my world had a 15 mile radius.
Over 20 years later, I still look for "rollers", "big drops" and "huge jumps", but I don't think that's all it takes to be the perfect trail.
Trail material: its material Soft but packed soil. The kind that has just enough moisture to allow someone to follow behind you without having to breath through a filter. Northwest forest soil.
Width: About 24" on the straights and increasing at varying amounts for corners depending on need. Singletrack only.
Length: If it weren't for fatigue, thirst and sore hands from braking, I'd say all trails were too short. Trails should end while you're still having fun, so you don't add it to your list of trails never to ride again.
Edges: Trail should curve up slightly at each edge about 3 to 5 inches. Just enough to keep you on the trail, but not so much as to be a trough that can toss you with one mistake.
Incline/Decline: I think if I had my druthers, I would be in perfect shape regardless of exercise and eating habits and all trails would be downhill. I will say, although I really hate climbing, I love how I feel after a long ascent and believe I've earned the downhill. That said, I think I'd still take a chairlift. Decline should be just enough to keep you from having to pedal, but not so steep as to force you to brake constantly.
Corners/Turns: 3 or 4 turns in groups followed by long straight or slightly twisting sections. Should have huge berms so you can ride your bike at a 90 degree angle if you want. You shouldn't have to slow down for them.
Obstacles: Rock beds, logs, boulders, rivers. Keep them together in sections with long fast stretches between them. Should all be rideable/jumpable without loss of velocity.

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we feel that is a well-designed heavy motor bike that is seriously needed in a all over the world of excessive pollution with everyone dependent on steadily rising gas prices.this is most populer all over the worlds such as germene, franch,itlay,japan,etc.mostly people can related this profession. different categaries of heavy bikes.Ian came up with the concept of an electric Trials bike.
different parts can be used in heavy bikes.Wheelbase 28" Seat Height 15" Handlebar Height 25" Motor 500W, 24V Batteries 8.5ah Sealed Lead Acid x 2 Controller Pulse Width Modulated, 40 amp Front Brake 'V' Type Back Brake Band Type Front Suspension Telescopic Rear Suspension Spring Tires 12.5" x 2.4" Weight 47 lbs Top Speed Approx 14 mph Colors
The Electric Folding Mountain Bike will travel about 20 to 25 miles on one charge